Discussing Concepts for Your Exhibition Booth

It takes time, planning, and communication to come up with the ideal exhibition booth design. Finding your provider and getting the conversation flowing early on is important. You don’t want to feel the pressure to rush decisions or to barely get the completed work back from them before you need it.

There are many exhibition booth design companies out there, but what they offer will vary. The prices, the personalized service, and even the outcome of the materials will all depend on who you hire. Do yourself a favour, and make sure you know they are credible and they have the right technology in place to help you be successful!

Find a Provider

You can find out plenty about providers of exhibition booth design projects online. This is a great way to see where they are located, their areas of expertise, and even samples of their work. Take it further though and find out from reviews what others have to say about them. Are other business owners thrilled with the results or do they wish they had hired someone else?

Such information can help you to narrow it down and the you can set up consultations with some of the top exhibition booth design companies out there. This is a chance for you to share your needs and get some feedback. You don’t need a complete concept in mind, just the general parameters for them to get the discussion rolling with you.

Early Discussions

You need to be open to ideas during the early discussions. However, this doesn’t mean you ever let any exhibition booth design tell you what they are going to do! Instead, they should share ideas and concepts with you. Then you can tell them what you like and what you don’t. If you feel certain elements are missing, tell them about it.

The project shouldn’t move forward until those discussions have been completed. It can take several appointments to get it where you would like it to be. At the end of each discussion, go over the key points to ensure you are both on the same page with it. Then schedule the next meeting where they should have some updated concepts to show you.

Finalise the Plan

Once you feel it is all perfect and you are ready to have them work on it, finalise the plan. This includes the sizing for the materials the exhibition booth design provider will create, the cost involved, and even the materials that will be used to create it. You should feel very good at this point about what they are going to be able to create for you.

They should give you a completion date, so you know when the project will be done. Make sure you carefully look over the work too before you accept it. You don’t want to put it up at a trade show and realise there are problems with it! Then it is too late for anything to be done!

With plenty of time to get the work done, they aren’t going to be rushed, and that works to your advantage. Ideally, there should be ample time between when the project is done and for you to review it before you need it. That ensures you do have time for them to rework the project if there are any mistakes found.

It is rare a professional in this line of work would let such a mistake slip through, but it does happen. Safeguard against it by carefully selecting your provider and also getting started on the project with them as early as you can.

Does Your Design for Your Trade Show Matter?

Visual aids go a long way with getting people interested in what you have to offer. You shouldn’t take on the trade show circuit without carefully planning your booth designs. This is a grand opportunity for you to appeal to the masses. After all, everyone going to that particular event has an interest in your types of products or services. Make it count that you are there!

You also have to remember you will be vying for their attention. What is going to get them to come see what you are all about rather than the booth across from you? Often, the booth designs prove to be a deciding factor. Especially for those who have limited time to spent at the event. They can’t see everything, so they decide what is a priority for them to look at.

Professional Services

Your booth designs need to go above and beyond just your business name and logo! You need to hire professional services to create something wonderful for you. Find out about the various services they offer and what they can do for your particular needs. They often have great examples to share with you too. This makes it easier for you to decide what you want to do.

They should be very helpful and not pushy when it comes to the booth designs. Most of the professional understand this is a big investment of time and money. You need the return on that investment from the trade shows to get you new customers who want to buy what you offer. Therefore, the impression people get has to be superior.


You will discover there are plenty of forms of materials used to create booth designs. You need something that is easy to work with. You also need something that will hold up very well. You may spend months out there going to the various trade shows. You can’t settle for materials that will easily get damaged.

You don’t want to spend hours at each event putting them up or taking them down either. Find materials that will be a breeze to set up. At the end of the trade show, you can store them well and get them to the next location without any risk. The provider should be able to tell you the pros and cons involved with each of the materials they have available.

Wise Investment

Don’t look at booth designs as another business-related expense. Instead, you should consider it a wise investment! This can be a way for your business to get noticed and to generate new sales. When you operate your business well, many of those new customers can become long term loyal customers too. It doesn’t matter if you plan to do a handful or trade shows or tons, make it count!

The overall quality, the return on the investment, and who you select to work with will all influence the overall value of these products. Take your time to get the groundwork done so you can move forward with confidence. It should be a smooth and hassle-free outcome when you have the right people working with you to make it happen!

It doesn’t hurt to take a look around to see what is out there. Most providers offer free consultations. This means you can find out what they can do for you without committing to anything. If you love the concepts and their reputation, then you can proceed to work out the details of the project with them. You need something you can proudly display for your business.

Staying Connected With the Manager of Your Exhibition Project

Hiring experts to take care of your exhibition project management allows you to focus on other aspect of your business. However, you should still be working closely with them to ensure the details are in place and you get what you can benefit from. You may go into the process with some ideas and images in mind. You may go into it asking them to help you create a concept.

No matter what the process is for you in the beginning, you have to work with the very best provider. You need to know those materials are going to fit your business goals and ideals. You need to know they are going to be visually appealing and they are going to get attention. You also need them to be easy to work with and to move around as you do the circuit.


You need to know you are getting excellent services that focus on your particular business. You can’t settle for any exhibition project management team that is only giving you surface results. They can’t be offering the same approach for each customer. They need to offer you something unique and exciting. This is a time for you to ask questions, to see what they can do for you.

Don’t proceed until you have a clear picture of what they can offer and how it will be delivered. If your materials from the exhibition project management team are time sensitive, you need them to verify when they can deliver. You also need to discuss the cost of the project. The volume of work, the intensity of the work, and even the types of materials used all influence the cost.


In order for you to work well with any exhibition project management program, you need to communicate well. You also need to feel that they are doing the same on your end. Find out what their reputation is for returning calls and showing up for meetings. Find out if they are well known for getting projects done on time. Speak up if you have any questions or concerns.

Regular Meetings

It is a good idea for regular meetings to be set up with the exhibition project management, so you can see options, make decisions, and get the process moving forward. Those early planning stages are vital to the outcome. Carve out some time in your schedule to fit these meetings in. Then you can get back to what you need to do and they can work on your materials.

If they reach out to you at any point for additional information or input, respond in a timely manner. If you put it off, that also delays what they can do for you. Often, they won’t be able to continue moving forward with your project until you contact them. Make sure they have a solid way to reach you and for you to respond to their inquiries.


For a large project, you should ask them about a timeline. The best exhibition project management program is going to do this to assure you the project is on schedule. There can be regular intervals where they share information with you. This is also a time for you to see the work in the early stages. If you would like changes, it is easier for them to be done then.

The timeline can help you to relax and know your materials will be ready for that first exhibition before you need it. The last thing you want to do is cut that deadline too close. They should do far more than just present the materials to you when they are done. They should also share with you the best practices to put them up and take them down.